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11/6/2012- Get Out And Vote!

After millions of minutes wasted answering the phone only to hear the voice of a machine or a voter survey group, the last day of elections is here!  Get out and exercise your right to vote!

10/23/2012- New Local Officers

We are pleased to announce the election of new local officers!

Paul Murphy - President

JT McCoy - Vice President

Tim Myers - Secretary/Treasurer

Josh Cohen - Executive Member

John Renaud - Executive Member

You can view these change, along with current e-mail contacts, here.

10/3/2012- Fire Prevention Week is upon us!

As we move into another October, so to do we begin Fire Prevention Week.  This year's theme is 'Have two ways out'.

2012 FPW

Talk with your families about having two ways out of your residence in the event of a fire.  For more information, please visit the NFPA Fire Prevention Week website.

Firefighters from North Lyon County Fire District will be visiting local schools soon to discuss fire prevention with your children, stay tuned!

7/1/2012- Congratulations!

The Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District recently aquired five of our members during their hirings in preperation for starting up their newly reformed department.  Congratulations to the folowing Brothers who now move on to bigger and better things:

Steve Walker - Captain

Gregg Lompa - Fire Apparatus Operator

Daniel Boyer - Firefighter/Paramedic

Jim Clouser - Fire Apparatus Operator

Josh Kutz - Fire Apparatus Operator

We thank you for your sevice with North Lyon County Fire District and we wish you guys the best of luck and a long and happy career at your new home!

TMFPD Fire Apparatus Operator Jim Clouser (driver's seat)


3/24/2011- You decide.

Click for more info!

3/18/2011- Scholarship Application Available

Happy New Year all! It's been awhile since we've updated everyone on what we've been doing, a lot has happened here since December but we'll get to that later. This update is to let everyone know that The North Lyon Firefighters Association is accepting applications for a scholarship of $1,000.00 provided by The North Lyon Firefighters Association and the Professional Firefighters of Nevada. If you would like to be considered for this scholarship then please contact the high school counselor at Fernley High School. 


12/26/2010- East Valley Elementary School

The North Lyons Firefighters Association IAFF Local 4547 will donate $500 to East Valley Elementary School. The donation will allow the school to purchase additional school supplies and materials for the students. The North Lyons Firefighter Association was able to make this generous donation based on money raised by firefighter’s license plates fee’s from the Professional Firefighters of Nevada (PFFN).

“We are very proud to donate this money to Lyon’s County School District in Fernley,” said Bill Snyder, president of the North Lyon’s Firefighter Association Local 4547.







8/28/2010- Car Wash Benefit













WHEN: Saturday, September 4TH


Time: Starting 10 am – 4 pm


All donations will be donated to benefit a Lyon County Dispatcher who recently lost her spouse.


North Lyon Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4547 




7/11/2010 - Fernley Relay for Life

Thanks to everyone who donated their time and money to cancer research during the Fernley Relay for Life that took place on July 10-11th.  Special thanks to Reserve Firefighter Ken Money for his time dedication in organizing the North Lyon Fire team and the fundraisers prior to the event.  The team was able to raise around $1200.00 for cancer research.  Check out the vid here.

s.com/LCFD/annalie-miller-receives-scholorship-from-firefighters-association.html" target="_top">

6/10/2010 - North Lyon Firefighters Association Scholarship

Congratulations to Annalie Miller for receiving this year's IAFF L4547 Scholarship!  Thanks to PFFN and all those who donate through the Professional Firefighter license plates for this $1000.00 scholarship!  Read more here.

Firefighter Steve Walker and Scholarship Recipient Annalie Miller


4/1/2010 - Keep Fernley Safe

The Keep Fernley Safe initiative continues!  As a response to the ever increasing need for a safer Fernley, North Lyon Firefighters Association supports KeepFernleySafe.  Check them out on Facebook.  More to come on this, keep checking back.


1/1/2010 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A new year is upon us!  We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone who has helped us over the last year.  We look forward to a new year and all the challenges ahead of us.

11/2/2009 - IAFF Local 4547 Officers/Board Member Elections Held

We have new Local Officers after our yearly Officer/Board Member Elections!  You can view the changes here.

10/1/2009 - October is Fire Safety Month!!

Fire safety month is here!  Remember to review home escape plans, check your smoke detectors, and practice stop-drop-roll with your kids.  For more fire safety tips, check out our Fire Safety Tips page.

9/2/2009 - North Lyon County Fire Acquires EMS Franchise Agreement With City of Fernley

The North Lyon County Fire Protection District was awarded the Emergency Medical Services Franchise Agreement with the City of Fernley in a 4-1-0 vote by the City Council.  This decision marks a huge milestone in the progression and expansion of the NLCFPD by increasing staffing and consolidating both Fire and EMS services under one roof.  The North Lyon Firefighter's Association appreciates the diligence and cohesion by the District to organize and acquire the EMS Franchise.

8/13/2009 - IAFF Local 4547 Collective Bargaining Agreement Contract Finalized

The North Lyon Firefighter's Association and the North Lyon County Fire Protection District finalized the Local's first ever CBA contract Thursday evening.  The long awaited approval and ratification of the contract comes after a nearly three year long negotiation process between the two parties.  IAFF Local 4547 extends its gratitude to all negotiation team members, the NLCFPD Board of Directors, and everyone else who has contributed their time and efforts (and patience!) to ensuring the safety of the residents of Fernley as well as its Firefighters.

7/13/2009 - 48/96 is a go!

Our new 48/96 schedule is a go!  The new schedule is on a one year trial basis to observe its financial benefits.  Previously, our Firefighters worked a Modified Kelly Schedule where crews worked twenty-four hour shifts in a nine day cycle.  The new schedule places Firefighters on a forty-eight hour shift, in a six day cycle.  As proposed by the Union, the new schedule will decrease operational costs such as fuel and maintenance, and decrease the need for sick and annual leave, while maintaining continued Fire and EMS coverage for the residents of Fernley.

7/9/2009 - NLCFPD Board of Directors Vacancy Filled

On behalf of all of us at IAFF Local 4547, we want to thank Chris Murphy for his time and dedication on the NLCFPD Board of Directors.  During his time on the Board, Director Murphy pushed for increased safety for Firefighters and residents of Fernley alike, as well as the progression of the Fire District.  We thank you again for your time and efforts and wish you the best of luck!  We welcome Brian Bunn to the NLCFPD Board of Directors as he fills the vacant Board seat.  Director Bunn is currently a Firefighter with the Sierra Fire Protection District and a fellow union brother.  We look forward to Director Bunn's vision and input into the progression of the District and wish him the best of luck!



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